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SCHEDULE: Sept. 23-27, 2015

Helper Registration Opens mid-August
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Tues., Sept. 22
8:00am-2:00pm Set-Up
2:00pm-8:00pm Consignor Drop-Off
Wed., Sept. 23 (Children are allowed at  
                          pre-sales at 6:30pm)

10:00am-9pm Team Leader Pre-sale*
                           (by application only)
11:00am-9pm  12-hr. Helper Pre-sale*
12:00pm-9pm  8-hr. Helper Pre-sale*
1:00pm-9pm    4-hr. Helper Pre-sale*
2:00pm-9pm    Barter Pre-sale*       
3:00pm -9pm   Consignor (& 1 Guest) Pre-Sale*    
4:00pm-9pm    Public PrimeTime Pre-Sale*
                            $10/person (adults, only till 6:30pm)
5:30pm-9pm    First-Time Parent,
                            Grandparent, or Foster parent

                            (& 1  Guest) Pre-sale*
6:00pm-9pm    Teacher Pre-sale*
6:30pm-9pm    Helpers, Consignors, &
                            PrimeTime WITH KIDS

Thurs., Sept. 24 Open to Public 9:00am-7pm
                            $3/person Admission today,

7:30pm-8pm     2nd Consignor Drop-Off

Fri., Sept.25     Open to Public 9:00am-7pm
                           NEW MERCHANDISE!!!
                           FREE Admission

Sat., Sept.26   Open to Public 9:00am-7pm
                          FREE Admission
7:30pm            Team Ldr. 1/2-price Pre-Sale*
8:00pm            Helper & Barter 1/2-price
                          Pre-Sale* No children at
                          except infants in sling.

Sun., Sept. 27  Open to Public 9:00am-2pm
                            Free Admission Most Items
2:00pm-8pm    Sort Unsold Items
8:00pm-9pm    Helper-only Pick-Up
                            (Helper-only, no exceptions)

Mon., Sept. 28
4:30pm-7pm    Consignor Pick-Up
                            Unsold Items
7:01pm              Load Remaining Items onto
                            Charity's Truck

* All pre-sales are a child-free (until 6:30pm, Wed.) shopping experience, although nursing infants under 1 year are welcome if carried or in a sling. No strollers or wagons, please.
Qualified shoppers may shop any time AFTER their specified start time.


Pre-Sale Pointers:

Pre-sales are child-free shopping experiences until 6:30pm, so please leave children at home. Nursing infants under 1 year are welcome if carried or in a sling.

Please leave strollers & wagons at home during pre-sales for safety reasons. We have shopping carts, large bags, & wagons you may use on a first-come, first-served basis.

Large items (i.e., furniture, exersaucers, play structures, bikes, etc.) may be placed in the Hold Area for up to 2 hours. Just ask your Helpers for assistance!


Directions: Need a Map?


From Lewisville/South of Denton on I-35
Exit Dallas Dr. Continue straight on Dallas Dr. (it becomes Bell Ave. & intersects McKinney St.) Civic Center will be on far left corner of McKinney & Bell.

From Sanger/North of Denton on I-35:
Exit Fort Worth Dr. & turn left onto Fort Worth Dr.

Turn Rt. onto McKinney St. (McKinney is called Pearl on left/west)

At other end of block past Main Post Office (on left) is Denton Civic Center.

321 E McKinney St
Denton, TX 76201


"Thanks to you and for your professionalism. I have nothing but praise for you and JBF. I will definitely recommend it to my friends both to consign and shop. Thank you again!"
~Lyn H.

"I just wanted to let you guys know that the Spring sale was AWESOME!! . . . We sold soooooo many items, and we have your gals to thank for that! Y'all really do an awesome job, and I love how organized everything is! This has been on our best sale EVER! I was shocked at how many items sold! Sorry that I'm using so may "!!!s", but things couldn't have gone any better. JBF is lucky to have y'all running this sale! Thanks for all of your hard work!!"
~Judy S.

"I went to the last [sale} that was in Denton and I loved it. I look forward to the next one and I want to help . . . God Bless."
~Kimberly P.

"I have heard this is an amazing event. I can't wait to participate."
~Kari R.

“My 3-year old grew from a size 2T to almost a 5T over the summer all all the 4T clothes I bought at the previous Fall sale did not fit. I literally had to replace all her clothing. I was able to fill her closet (and part of her sister's) with designer labels for less than $150 AND I sold EVERY piece of her unworn clothing as a consignor. I really appreciate the quality and quantity of items you find at the JBF sale. I have consigned three times now and each time my profit has increased!

Last Fall I volunteered for the first time and had a blast shopping early and helping late! These sales can become addictive just for the amazing deals, but the real fun (and I truly mean this) was volunteering for the breakdown shift! The process that Laura uses to sort all the items back together for consignor pickup is phenomenal! It was like jumping into a really fact-paced game with teammates you've just met, doing a crazy clothing aisle dance! The time flew by and it was an added blessing to see how many items were gling to the Clothes Closet to assist kids in need. Thanks for all the hard work JBF! "
~ Jennifer S.

"I would very much enjoy being a volunteer at JBF because I was a first time buyer last season and it was a great experience . . ."

"A big thanks to you and your team for organizing such a great aevent! JBF has become my "go to" spot for my girls' wardrove. It has been such a blessing for me and my family. Can't wait 'till the fall sale!!"
LaWanda B.

"I've been a fan of the JBF sale for . . . well at least 20 months (Addison is 20 months now). I dream about the 1/2 price sale months in advance!!! This is my first year to be a consignor and I'm thrilled to be a part of this magic.

You can also note that this is a family event now. We have family coming in from West Texas for the event to buy for my cousins that live in Andrews!!! Vacation schedules are planned around this! Thanks!"
~Elizabeth N.

We want to hear from you! Click here to email us and let us know about your shopping experience!

We want to hear from you! Click here to email us and let us know about your shopping experience!